In ten old photographs, the legendary couple Johnny Depp and Kate Moss tell their love journey.

Even after many years, English supermodel Kate Moss and American actor Johnny Depp maintain their position as one of the most notable celebrity couples. The public is now more convinced than ever that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship, which terminated years ago, still exists today in a spirit of love, respect, and friendship as a result of their court case, as well as Kate Moss’ evidence.

At Café Tabac in New York, John and Kate first spoke in 1994.

The celebrity pair appeared frequently in 1994–1995, both in public and on television.

The pair split up in 1997 for unspecified reasons.

When John and Kate made a joint appearance at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival, they announced their reconciliation in the media.

Within a few months, the pair split up once more, blaming John’s hectic schedule.

The actress claimed that because of a lack of time, she was unable to give a supermodel the respect that she so richly deserved.

Despite their quick breakup, the pair consistently praised one another in media interviews.

When embarrassing video of Kate Moss’s drug use surfaced online in 2005, Johnny Depp strongly backed her.

John and Kate still get along well and are close friends now.

In court, Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Kate Moss claimed that the allegations against the actor are untrue and that he never touched her. Kate Moss was a famous supermodel of the 1990s.

“When we were leaving the room, John went ahead of me, and I fell down the stairs and hurt my back. I was screaming, it hurt a lot and I didn’t know what to do, John came running, took me to the room and helped me”.

“He will never hit me and I will not fall down the stairs.”