Tuba Buyukustun 8 Things You Didn’t Know

Turkish actress Tuba Buyukustun is renowned for being beautiful, talented, and lovely. She has been employed in the Turkish television industry, where she has produced numerous television shows and gained notoriety for her noteworthy contributions. She has won numerous honors and is regarded as a well-known and well-paid Turkish actress.

She worked hard to make a name for herself in Turkish cinema after completing her education. There are still a lot of things to learn about Turkish beauty, so here are a few more little facts. Let’s have a peek, then!

1. divorcee

The actor Onur Saylak, who is also an actress, wed Tuba Buyukustun. Paris served as the location of their wedding. Maya and Toprak, twin girls, were welcomed by the couple in 2012. Sadly, their union did not endure, and they parted ways in 2017.

2. A Rise to Fame

She gained notoriety by winning a number of accolades for her incredible performances in Turkish television programs and films, which are really fantastic and gained notoriety all over the world.

3 Non-movie Family History

Her mother Handan Büyüküstün and father Serdar Büyüküstün are not performers, yet their most gifted daughter brought them to public attention. She originates from a non-film family background. They are honored for Tuba, so this is a proud occasion for them.

4- Independent Celebrity

It’s a major victory that Tuba Buyukustan accomplished everything on her own despite coming from a non-filmmaking household. In this way, we may claim that she is a self-made celebrity who achieved success by working hard on her own.

5 Well-liked Projects

She has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, but some of the more well-known ones are More (2017), Gulizar (2004), My Father and My Son (2005), and many other noteworthy and entertaining works.

6- Multi-talented Actress Tuba Buyukustun is renowned for her ability to play a variety of roles, from supporting to lead. And being a successful actor, she possesses this truly great quality.

7. Interests

She values productivity, and as a result, she enjoys engaging in her interests. Her favorite hobbies are stitching and advertising, and she views them as her ideal downtime pursuits.

8. Favorite Sports 

Sports enthusiast Tuba Buyukustun adores ice skating and skiing. She seems to be an adventurous person. The actress once admitted that she always finds time for these kinds of activities because they help her unwind.

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