Hayden Panettiere hot photos and Facts Fans Didn’t Know

1. Her acting career began when she was 11 months old.

2. She moved to Nashville when she started filming the show.

3. She was home-schooled.

4. She suffered from body dysmorphia after a magazine said she had cellulite on her legs when she was only 16 years old.

5. Her mom was also an actress.

6. She got a pixie cut on a whim.

7. She was a voice actor in a video game.

8. When she was younger, she once had to run away from the cops.

9. She considers herself a tomboy.

10. She loves playing a southern character.

11. She explained to *The Huffington Post* why she loves playing a powerful woman.

12. She believes she turned out okay, even though she was a child star, because she had the right kinds of people around her.

13. She also remembers being super confident as a child actor.

14. She loves being a mom.