Jennifer Lopez put on a spontaneous performance at a karaoke night in Italy

By performing the song “I Will Survive,” the pop icon successfully ended her Italian vacation.

Jennifer Lopez can’t escape the spotlight, even when she’s on vacation.

When given a microphone and asked to sing her heart out, J.Lo recently wowed diners at Taverna Anema e Core (“Taverna of the Heart and Soul”) restaurant in Capri, Italy. In a video posted on the restaurant’s Instagram page, Lopez sings Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” while holding a tambourine in one hand and a microphone in the other.

After that, the show goes on. Numerous fans posted notes, demonstrating that Lopez was content with the life of the party. In addition to one karaoke song, Lopez spontaneously performed her most popular song from 1999, “Let’s Get Loud.”

The actress and queen of pop is currently gearing up to release This Is Me… Now, the eighth studio album from her yet-to-be-released discography. The follow-up to 2002’s This Is Me… album. In addition, Lopez stated that the inspiration for the songs came from her renewed romance with her husband, Ben Affleck.

On May’s Live with Kelly & Mark show, Lopez admitted: “I haven’t actually done an album like this in 20 years, it’s true. “The previous time I did an album, This Is Me… When was the last time I worked on an album like this, spending every day in the studio, creating every song, and doing every task?

“I was very inspired at the time I wrote This Is Me,” she continued. Then. Who would have thought we’d be [back together] 20 years later? Anyone familiar with the album knows that it was really about how I fell in love at the time with the love of my life.”