Olivia Wilde’s Unknown Facts

Olivia Wilde has been creating a name for herself in Hollywood for almost 20 years. She has done a little bit of everything, including acting in TV shows like House, becoming a movie star, and becoming a director. The attractive actress does a wonderful job of keeping her personal life private despite the media frequently picking apart her personal life.

What Is Wilde’s Age?

She is young despite having been in the industry for almost 20 years. She is actually only 38. Her birthday is March 10, 1984. She has a wonderful ability to transform into someone who is significantly younger or older than she appears to be, which probably assists her acting career. It can be challenging to determine her exact age because it depends so much on the lighting and makeup.

Where Was Her Upbringing?

Despite being born there, she didn’t spend much time there. She spends the academic year in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. She spent the summer in Ireland because that is where her father’s family hails from. While she attended Phillips Academy in Andover for boarding school, she also spent a significant amount of time in Massachusetts.

Olivia Wilde, did her name change?

She did indeed alter her original name. Olivia Jane Cockburn was her name at birth. She changed her name for reasons we don’t understand. She got her current name, which suits her, from none other than Oscar Wilde. While she was a minor, she changed her name. She wants to pay tribute to her Irish roots and the writers in her family.

She has journalist parents.

Her mother and father are also prominent figures in the media. Andrew Cockburn is her father. The same as his British father Claud, he works as a journalist. Leslie Cockburn, her mother, is a producer for the popular program 60 Minutes. Their work is significant, and it is obvious that she has picked up some tips from her family.

She Wed on a School Bus.

Did you know she has a history of marriage? When she was 19 years old, she married her first ex-husband on the roof of an abandoned school bus. Tao Ruspoli is his full name. He is an Italian filmmaker and musician. She filed for divorce in 2011 after their marriage in 2003. In the middle of Virginia, on a bus, they got married without a guest in sight. The venue was crucial since she didn’t want anybody else to know about the wedding.

She was engaged but never made it back down the aisle.

She dated the actor Jason Sudeikis for a long time. November 2011 marked the start of their partnership, which lasted for precisely 9 years till November 2020. He proposed to Wilde during the course of their relationship. That happened in 2013. Over the course of their seven-year engagement, they welcomed two children. 2014 saw the birth of a son, and 2016 saw the birth of a girl, making them the proud parents of two children.

She is a Prominent Feminist.

Wilde does not keep her opinions to herself, either. She is an opinionated woman who utilizes her voice to promote her beliefs because she thinks everyone should know what she thinks. Feminism is one such thing. She has long been vocal about her opinions, and she even collaborated with Gucci on a feminism-focused campaign. The awareness-raising effort is named “Chime for Change.”